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One stop State of art Multi Specialty clinics for any aesthetic/Apearance concern. 1st of its kind Best Aesthetic /Cosmetic Centre with Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Aesthetic Dentists, Nutritionists, Physiotherpaists and so on since 2007.

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Brow Lift Consultation INR 1000 INR 800 Beauty lies in the “Eyebrow” of the beholder Introduction Have you ever been asked if you are tired, or if you are angry, when in fact you are feeling great? If so, it might be because of your fallen over brows. The low position can give you that tired or angry look—a condition called Brow Ptosis. As the brow descends, it creates excess skin on the eyelid, making your eyes look puffy and older. Eyebrows frame the eyes, and the eyes are the first thing people look at when they greet you. Aesthetics vary depending on age, gender, race and face cut. Many parameters like Density of Hair, direction of hair growth, gap between brows, thickness of brows, length of brows, position –vertical /horizontal, orientation, shape decide the aesthetics of eyebrows. Brow and its anatomy Science to the Beautiful “Brows”: Beauty lies in the “Eyebrow” of the beholder: A public survey of eyebrow aesthetics Aesthetic Surgery Journal, July 2005, Volume 25, Issue 4, Pages 348-352 J Schreiber, N Singh, S Klatsky How do I know if I need a Brow Lift? Will this procedure make me look more youthful? If you have sagging eyebrows that create a tired, angry or sad appearance, deep horizontal creases across your forehead, or frown lines or furrows between your eyebrows, you may be a candidate for a brow lift. Also in conditions wherein nerves or muscles are not strong enough to lift the eyelids, eyebrow lift will come as rescuer. Many factors like ageing, hair density, hair direction, skin elasticity/laxity, supra orbital rim prominence, fat content, dry eyes, stress of expressions Objective of Aesthetic reconstruction is to restore, reshape, resize, reposition, refill, re contour, reorient, symmetry and give a more youthful look. Widely practiced non-invasive procedures are Botox, LHR and HA Fillers which sometimes enough to make the beautiful eyebrow. It is done in the OPD itself and one can resume the normal work within minutes. This needs revisits to for its maintenance. May be we should put here a table and their methods, pros, cons While the Surgical or invasive methods give a lifelong result and is operated under General/Local Anaesthesia. Even the recovery period is very short. Various Brow treatments which give longterm results that lasts for decades include Hair transplant, Fat Transfer, Brow lift, shaping of supra orbital bony rim, brow reconstruction of which BROW LIFT is the most effective. Brow lift is a very popular procedure in the west to reclaim the youth and beauty. Its popularity increased even further in the past 10 years because BROW LIFT is now been done through a “KEY HOLE” What can I expect post surgery? Immediately after surgery, you will experience some temporary swelling and bruising in your eyebrow and forehead areas, which may last for up to 10 days. The first few nights, it is important to rest with your head elevated. You can use a cold compress to help control swelling. You may also experience mild discomfort at the surgical site, which is typically controlled with doctor-prescribed oral medications. For how long will it last? The length of time that your brow lift lasts will vary. A number of factors including your age, genetics and lifestyle all play a role in your long-term results because although you will appear younger, you will also continue to age Benefits 1. A natural, refreshed result that does not look "done" 2. Secure holding of your brow in its new, youthful position 3. No metal screws protruding through the scalp to cause scalp irritation and hair loss 4. No sutures to pinch the hair follicles during healing that can also lead to hair loss 5. Nothing to remove after surgery because the Endotine Forehead device dissolves and is absorbed naturally after the healing process is completed True 1438184837
FILLERS INR 1000 INR 1000 Soft-tissue augmentation of the face is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure. Restoration of facial volume using fillers can rebalance facial proportions, increase symmetry and by reducing wrinkles and volume loss, produce a fuller, younger and healthier appearance. DrGVG Commonly uses the fillers made of Hyaluronic Acid (Restylane®, Juvéderm® & IAL) which are very safe. Smoothen the deep & permanent wrinkles/folds on Forehead Between the brows Cheek folds by the side of lips Tissue Augmentation/increasing the Bulk of Sunken under eyes Empty cheeks Thin/Flat Lips Depressed scars over the face True 1446474301
LASER SKIN REJUVENATION & TIGHTENING INR 1000 INR 1000 Reverse your age with our Laser Skin tightening Treatment. The non-invasive procedure gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles producing dramatic results. The treatment is known to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating the collagen production and thereby revealing a firm and toned skin. at GVG offers solace to patients with these conditions. We use treatments such as Nd :YAG 1064 and 1320nm, IPL and Fractional lasers depending on the conditions and rejuvenate your skin to its natural glory. Nd: YAG 1064nm Laser Nd: YAG 1320nm Laser IPL Erbium Glass Fractional Laser True 1446731431
HAPPY EYES INR 1000 INR 1000 Pleasant and blissful eyes are known to mesmerize and smiling with eyes is considered as a smile from the heart. Since eyes remains the focus in our personal interactions, any aesthetic issues with eyes such as sleepy or tired eyes or issues around the eyes such as dark circles, loose skin, hollowness or bags are easily are easily noticed. Some choose to hide them with goggles for some occasions, some ignore and some choose to reclaim the eyes with lasting happiness. Blepharoplasty for upper lid loose skin Blepharoplasty for lower lid bags Ptosis correction for sleepy eyes Fat transfer for hollow under eyes True 1446731616
FULLER YET CHERISHED CHEEKS INR 1000 INR 1000 Prominent cheek bones with just enough cheek pad of fat in the right place with baby fat gone makes one look grown but young and makes it attractive with or without dimples. It is genetic in some, but weightloss in many and ofcourse aging in everybody makes the cheeks look deflated, deformed and displaced downwards. In some the baby fat remains cheating on the age. Any variations from the normal is now being corrected with ease using pinhole scarless or minimal access procedures to hide the scars if any. Fat transfer for cheek augmentationImplant/fat for Malar augmentationBuccal pad fat removal for baby fat removalVASER Lipo for facial sculptingMidface lift -Endoscopic(Keyhole)Dimple creation True 1446731748
PEELS INR 350 INR 350 Peels can take away your age by years! They improve the texture of the skin, reduce scars, pigmentation disorders like melasma, and diminish skin discoloration (clear those blemishes).The peels also reduce the fine wrinkles thereby giving a smoother and clear complexion. Simple, painless, cost-effective and quick procedures to keep a healthy and young looking skin!!! Acne & Post acne Melasma Uneven complexion Fine wrinkles and blemishes Under eye dark circles Aging and loss of skin tone and texture True 1446732103
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